Any self-respecting company, reaching at least a regional scale, strives not only to capture markets and achieve maximum production volumes, but also to maximize publicity for its name. The shortest way to the hearts of customers - sponsorship of significant events. Every branded company needs a reputation, not just as a manufacturer of something, but as some entity worthy of attention and respect. Wrangler’s image-makers have found arguably the most relevant options for it, as a brand with a striking image and for certain moments of the era.

Motor racing for real men

In the middle of the last century the company actively and impressively turned its attention to the purely American entertainment for real men - regional and national rodeo competitions. But eras change…tastes and localization of the most attractive spectacles change. Today, one of the most courageous, dynamic and risky types of competition is NASCAR car racing, held on specialized production vehicles. Here, as once in the rodeo, you need to give every second, feel your “horse” as himself and not for a moment not to lose control and self-control, and adrenaline is produced not only riders, but also the spectators.

NASCAR races

NASCAR, the North American National Association of Specialty Car Races, has been around for more than six decades and is today the most popular form of motorsports in the United States. NASCAR was founded in 1948 as a family business venture, and has maintained its status to this day. Despite the commercial origins of the competition, American statistics assure that the popularity of racing NASCAR takes about the third place among other favorite American sports spectacles.

It is very contributed to the idea of the organizers of the race - to hold television broadcast competitions. Fans of the sport got so used to regular competitions that even today tens of thousands of fans and fans come in person every Sunday to the race tracks, where they can see the magnificent spectacle - the best of the drivers participating in the races in the best of the ordinary cars, even from a distance. In addition to those who were lucky enough to attend the races, millions of Americans switch channels of their TV sets to broadcast the next race - a piece of adrenaline can be scooped here!

The atmosphere on the tracks of these races is truly unique. The roar of the crowd competes with the roar of engines, cars move in such a dense mass that it seems - you can’t achieve this without a rehearsal. Naturally, collisions are very frequent, and until recently, before the introduction of additional safety regulations, serious injuries were also traditional, with fatalities occurring every year.

For a long time the competitions held by this association remained purely a national pastime and their popularity was limited to the territory of the country. However, over the past six years, the mass media on European and other continents began to talk about NASCAR from time to time.

NASCAR and Wrangler

For several years now, every Sunday in the U.S., nearly 100,000 NASCAR fans show up at the race tracks to watch their favorite NASCAR drivers, while millions of television viewers across the country take part in the ritual of watching the races on television. Not surprisingly, many big name companies, public and political figures are willing to support such a popular event, and last year even a Hollywood movie wished to sponsor it. Anyway, no one would dispute the right of Wrangler to take active part in the destiny of the association and auto racing - NASCAR and Wrangler are more than worthy of each other.

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