Formula 1, or rather Formula One Racing, was founded in 1974 and is consider by many as the world’s most prestigious automobile racing sport. In the US, and to some extent in Canada and Mexico, when people think of racing, they think of NASCAR. While NASCAR is hugely popular in North America, when the rest of the world thinks of racing, they think of Formula 1.

The Performance Vehicles

Formula 1 features the most technologically advanced performance vehicles in any racing sport. Many of the people who work in and support this elite racing sport consider themselves to be enthusiasts and supporters of the purest form of racing. The secrecy and intellectual property protection on the technological innovations in this sport is worth billions of dollars. These high performance vehicles can range in price from $2 million to $5 million dollars each. To put that into perspective, a NASCAR vehicle costs roughly $100,000. Formula 1 vehicles are built to handle sharp turns, immediate acceleration and deceleration in incredibly short distances and to encapsulate total precision driving.

The Race Tracks

The racetracks vary greatly, as well. NASCAR is known for their oval race tracks. Formula 1 bares no resemblance to an oval track. The Grand Prix races of Formula 1 are created to interject greater challenges and less opportunities for passing. During the course of a Grand Prix, only a few passes may take place; whereas, in NASCAR, dozens or hundreds of passes will take place. The tracks of Formula 1 resemble more of a maze rather than an oval. This is another reason why many people in the world find Formula 1 more exciting. Also, the races are held in varying countries on many continents each year.

Formula 1 is not for everyone; however, it does provide millions of fans each year with excitement and entertainment the world over. The technological advances and intricate rack tracks, including street races, typically appeals to a far different audience than NASCAR. Formula 1 will continue to travel the world demonstrating the epitome of peak performance in automobile racing for decades to come.

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