Drifting is on the border between show and sport, and it became popular quite recently. The pioneers of drifting were young people who gathered in large parking lots, where they learned the basics of drifting, leaving black circles of rubber on the asphalt. A little later, they began to organize competitions. In preparation for these competitions cars were subjected to serious modifications, changes in the engine and suspension. But in motorsports various methods of driving in drifting were widely used long before drifting spread as an independent sport. Many people think of drifting as a way to go faster around corners. This used to be true because the diagonal structure and rubber components that were used in racing back then could not provide a high coefficient of grip. Therefore, the car skid technique was used to move the point of acceleration closer to the geometric center of the corner. In other words, acceleration allowed for earlier acceleration. At that time, even formula cars skidded through corners. The invention of radial rubber and new components radically changed the situation. A rubber with a large contact area and a high coefficient of grip is able to provide a stable position of the car on the track, and the car will pass the turn faster than in a skid.

For rallying, however, skidding is still an issue. Techniques for driving a car in a skid today require even more skill from the drivers and are constantly becoming more difficult as modern cars are capable of cornering at high speeds.

Drifting Techniques

For Beginners:

  1. For those who have decided to learn such a spectacular trick as drifting, there is no hurry. First, you should learn such a simple thing as a 0, 360 degree turn on the axis.
  2. You should accelerate to 60 kilometers per hour.
    Decrease the gear, before making the turn.
  3. Without reducing engine speed, make a sharp turn and pull the handbrake.

Steps for performing a skid while using the handbrake:

  1. Make the turn at high speeds, but without losing control of the vehicle.
  2. Decrease the gear.
  3. Rotate the steering wheel in the direction of the turn.
  4. Sharp jerk the handbrake to the upper position, holding the button and just as sharply lower the lever.
  5. As soon as the rear of the car will go into sliding, turn sharply the steering wheel in the opposite direction.

If you want to correct the trajectory of the car should gradually release the accelerator pedal.

Performing a skid using the overdrive method:

  1. It is necessary to enter the turn, the speed does not matter. This skid is based on horsepower.
  2. Turn the chassis in the direction you want to turn. This is necessary to lose contact of the tires with the track.
  3. When it feels like the rear of the car is floating, turn the steering wheel sharply to the opposite side.
  4. Straighten the car by losing revolutions, i.e. release the accelerator pedal, only this should be done smoothly.

Description of braking skid:

In this section I will try to describe the braking skid. It needs to be performed before making a turn, or rather at the very source.

Experimenting with the degree and force of the brake, you can achieve loss of contact of the wheels and the road surface. And with the steering wheel and the throttle, you can correct the vector backwards and
and keep going.

Skid-fit. What is it?

What is a skid steer? Let’s try to figure it out. This skid is performed by swinging the pendulum with the car body. Using the recoil from contact with the surface of the track, you can throw the car to the normal position along the vector of motion. This skid method has long been used by all rally participants, on narrow sections of the track.


This technique is considered one of the most difficult to perform, although it is one of the most common. Even seasoned rally pros pass up before this skid in its pure form, so if you do not succeed from the first time, do not despair. The whole point of this method is the task of shifting the body by rocking it, so the car is extremely spectacularly enters the turn.


What does this method of shifting gears allow us to do? It’s very simple! To begin with, this is a rally technique, it is used to quickly overcome tight corners. The correct and precise execution of this technique allows all the major the car’s main running gear. When performing this method of skidding, the car switches to a lower gear, while increasing the number of engine revolutions and brakes the car.

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