NASCAR is an American auto race that tests a driver’s endurance. It is characterized as the most popular and spectacular motorsports event, originating in the United States. This type of racing is considered very dangerous, and the strict rules imply punishments for the slightest violations.


NASCAR or “National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing” is a private enterprise financed by the American France family. The genesis of the competition began in 1948, Bill France combined semi-professional races in the South and East America and introduced 3 categories of Nascar: Strictly Stock (only production cars participate), Modified (modified models) and Convertible (convertibles). The second version attracted maximum attention of auto-racers, but with time gave way to the Strictly Stock category. This was due to the possibility of participation of all comers, no obligatory costs for modification of cars and at the same time the presence of a large prize fund.

In 1959 “Daytona International Speedway” was built, where the popularity of the American circuit race - “Daytona 500”, the record speed was 365 km/h. Over time, there was a question about the safety of pilots who cut holes in the bottom of the car to control the condition of the rubber. Were created teams who acted under the name of the automobile companies, providing the necessary equipment for the participants of the Nascar.

After the fuel crisis and changes in the rules of the association automobile companies stopped participating in equipping teams, but famous drivers started to take part in the competition.

Among them the “King of Nascar” - Richard Petty, who was suspended from the competition because of his intention to organize his own association for the supply of race cars.

In 1979, the race becomes more popular than the NFL thanks to the broadcasting of the “Daytona 500” on TV. Nascar consists of several series and regional divisions. The difference is in engine power, wheelbase size and car size.

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