There has always been a link between the fairer sex and automobile racing/presentation/showcase. Girls could and can both participate in the races themselves, i.e. be full-fledged contenders to win the first place, and be decorative, aesthetically enticing figures. Thus, girls are an integral important part of any prestigious car race.

Currently, the most popular and relevant motorsport is just Formula-1. And, undoubtedly, the girls in Formula 1 are also fully indispensable participants and components of this race. After all, agree, attending a grand prix, or watching it on TV, you simply cannot help but notice these beauties, especially those who wear Monroe piercings. On a regular basis, many popular car and men’s magazines carry out a fresh selection of the hottest beauties in motorsports, particularly at Formula-1.

It is worth noting that numerous car clubs regularly invite girls not only to perform a purely decorative function, but also to take a direct part in women’s automotive competitions. At that, any willing girl or woman, possessing a driving license and her own car, may act as a participant. Those whose cars are on the power of attorney can also fully participate in such sports races. Before such competitions, each of their participants must take a special course that teaches the basics of accident-prevention driving. After this training, the participants will be able to drive more reliably and feel the car, even on slippery roads.

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