When Formula 1 Racing returned to the United States, race organizers knew they had to offer fans a one of a kind experience and an exciting race. Their answer was the approximately $400 million dollar Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 Track outside of Austin, TX.

Designed by celebrated track architect Hermann Tilke, the 3.4 mile circuit track seats roughly 120,000 people and boasts that because of its layout race fans will get to view large swaths of the track no matter where they’re seated. This boasting comes in part because the track will utilize the natural rise and fall sloping topography of the Austin area. The circuit will thrill race fans with large elevation changes rising and falling approximately 140 feet with the largest and most intense elevation change coming from the steep uphill grade heading into turn 1.

The track’s design will be able to keep spectators on the edge of their seats with racing speeds topping off at 200 miles per hour forcing expert maneuvering into the hairpin turns. The large track is organized with 20 turns and a large back stretch in between turns 11 and 12 that will allow the cars to stretch their throttle. Fans will enjoy the large spectator seating areas in turns 1,2,3,4,5,6,9, two in turn 11, more seating in turns 12,15,16, and a spectacular grandstand on the start/ finish line.

Analysts are also excited with the Circuit of the Americas because the international sport attracts fans from all over the world including Austria, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Formula 1 racing also has a large US fan base despite there not being a US driver. This large fan base is exciting for Austin area residents because the speedway is expected to pump millions into the local economy.

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