The City of Monza Italy is a central hub of activity. Set in the Southern Foothills of the Swiss Alps, it is the natural stopping place when coming over the mountains into Northern Italy. This area has some of the best natural scenery that Europe has to offer, with lush forests and scenic hillsides that have spawned many romantic tales over several centuries.

As centrally located as the city is, it’s known more for its man-made features. It is home to the biggest Formula 1 track in the world. It has become so ingrained in the culture of the city, that the distinctive shapes of the three tracks are incorporated into the cities logo.

The AutodromoNazionale is one of the original locations of Formula 1 Racing and it’s the most popular. It is the traditional home of the Italian Grand Prix, and it has been since 1922. Over one hundred and forty thousand people descend yearly on this little town, more than any European football game could ever hope to gather. The growth of this motor-sport has made the Italian Grand Prix, and this location, more popular and more visited with each generation. The industry itself generates over 2.3 billion Euros annually in revenue, and as much as 30 billion to the local economy.

Grand Prix racing can be called a truly worldwide event. Started in 1922 in European locations, it quickly grew. It is now an industry that spans the globe. Though there are other locations that hold traditional Grand Prix races, they are usually comprised of existing roads in the countryside. AutodromoNazionale is one of the first tracks in Europe built solely for the purpose of racing.

Because of its early history, and because Monza is a beautiful city, Italians have come to feel themselves, and this location, to be the founders of formula 1 racing. The national enthusiasm for the sport, and the continued international success of the Italian Grand Prix, shows that the rest of the world supports that notion.

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